Making Sustainable Living Universal.

Thrive Anywhere.

Rooted in Austin, Texas, Inductiv3D is building communities inspired by sustainable innovation. Utilizing 3D construction printing, we redefine the future of building, ensuring reduced environmental impact, long-term cost savings, and energy efficiency. Eco-conscious living allows every individual, regardless of social or economic status, to thrive anywhere.

Vision Collection

Explore our home vision collection. Each model, named after pioneering endeavors, built by renown visionaries & innovators.


Model x

Sustainable Design, modern efficiency, High-Value

Origen Azul

revolutionary Build, nature-aligned sustainability

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Meet the Team

Tim Hernandez

Co-Founder, Director of Business Development

John Varghese

Co-Founder, COO

Lance Seals

Founder & CEO

Thomas Scharr

Construction Manager

Celeste Flores


Austin Holman

Head of Land Acquisition

Home Buyers

Investor Relations

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